Best Alternative for TeamViewer – Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Most of the people know the online remote sharing site or application is Team Viewer. We can use the team viewer application for free of cost. it doesn’t requires any sign-up or money yo use it to solve the distance pc/laptop issues through by the online system to system (peer) connection. now one good news for us is we can see there is one another option is available to use the service with rapid speed and this full free service is provided by Google in the name of Chrome Remote Desktop.

The first version of the Google Chrome Remote desktop was announced on October 29 2012. We can add the apps by click Here

How Chrome Remote Desktop works

When the Chrome browser is present on a station running any version of Windows, Mac and Linux, the Remote Desktop tool will offer assistance capabilities, while the privileges of full-desktop control will be given only to those with Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.6, or above. The wonderful thing is that no 3rd party applications must be installed, aside the Chrome extension itself, to enjoy such level of control. Now here’s how to use it:

1. Register a free Google account here, in case you have none.
2. Sign in the account and download the Google Chrome browser, on any computer that you want to use the remote tool.
3. On the same stations, install the Remote Desktop application and be sure to give it the rights requested.
4. Start the software and choose “Remote Assistance” for limited tech support or “My Computers” for full-desktop access.
5. Follow the on-screen guidance until the remote connection is established, and then take advantage of the host computer.

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